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Sahara Import aims to preserve the age-old traditions of Moroccan artisans.

Each year Berkeley-based Mostafa Raiss El Fenni, whose family name means Artistic Leader, reconnects with his home in Tangiers, Morocco, first stopping in to visit his older brother Majid who presides over the illustrious Boutique Majid , featuring some of the best collections of old amber, Berber objets d'art, handwoven textiles, and rare antiques the world over, and beloved by many collectors and celebrities. From this locus of earthly delights, the brothers venture outward to explore hundreds of souks all over the country, handpicking only those items that are truly unique and uphold the very highest standards of traditional Moroccan artistry. Some of those treasures make their way to the Boutique Majid in Tangiers and some make the long journey by boat to America where Mostafa, the youngest of 12 brothers and sisters, has for almost a decade brought the very best of Morocco to Berkeley, California.

As a result of the El Fenni brothers' efforts, we now can furnish our homes with hanging brass lanterns, mosaic tile tables, Berber rugs, Fez kilims, and hand-painted cedar furniture, just to mention some of what Sahara's vast inventory contains. One thing for sure: everything for sale in Sahara is sculpted by skilled hands, created and crafted in an atmosphere of life, under a sky of singing birds and calls to prayers, in a medina of playing children and joking elders, and imbued with a special energy and quality of soul.

In an age of mass reproduction and chain stores, Sahara Import is a gift to the community, and our purchase of the product does much toward keeping these vibrant traditions alive.