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Sahara Moroccan Home Décor will help you host your party for all occasions, either in your home or any indoor or outdoor space. Most of our inventory is available for rent; we create a warm atmosphere for private parties, weddings, birthdays, baby and bridal showers or just dinner with friends. We will decorate your space artistically and furnish it with authentic décor to create a unique and cozy environment full of art and beauty.

Sahara Moroccan Home Décor provides a wide range of authentic Moroccan furniture, decorations, carpets, textiles, fabrics, tables and accent pieces for movies, commercials, set decoration, staging and fashion photo shoots.

Homemade Cuisine

We offer an excellent selection of delicious, homemade Moroccan cuisine. Our traditional cooks prepare dishes designed specifically for your event. Every meal finishes with Moroccan Mint Tea and homemade pastries. We also have a Moroccan food truck with full kitchen available for your event.

Henna Tattoos

Sahara offers Henna Tattoos for your guests. Our talented Berber artist will fascinate you with any design of your desire.


Spice up your party with an arrangement of new and traditional North African Music. A local Belly Dancer adds additional atmosphere and ambiance to the party. Our oasis of Arts, Music and Gastronomy will help you organize your next Moroccan party, a great way to experience North African culture. Please contact us for more information.