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Genuine leather bag handmade in Marakech Morocco..
Genuine leather and coin handmade bag made in Marakech, Morocco..
Genuine Leather and coin bag, Handmade in Marakech Morocco..
Handmade kilim leather backpack Marrakech Morocco. It's 8 inches in diameter and 15 inch high...
Marble tile Marble tile
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Hand carved marble tile with 8 pointed star and Calligraphy of Koranic verse. It measures 11" x 11" x 1".Fes-Morocco...
Hand carved marble tile with calligraphy of Koranic verse. ..
 Calligraphy of Koranic verse hand carved on marble, Vintage Fes-Morocco...
Market Basket Market Basket
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Colorful market basket handmade in Marrakesh Morocco...
$60.00 $78.00
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